Cyber attack just a wake-up call for businesses, says TCRA

21Jul 2020
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Cyber attack just a wake-up call for businesses, says TCRA

​​​​​​​THE Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has called on all Information and Communication Technology (ICT) experts in the country to be wary of cyber-attacks that have become a global threat, saying  it serves as a wake-up call for businesses to keep their systems patched-

Conie Francis

-and secure, and to remain alert.

The call was made here yesterday by TCRA’s director of ICT application and services, Conie Francis, noting that some 10 to 15 organisations have reported cases of digital attack.

However, she declined to name the institutions but emphasised the need for ICT experts in both public and private institutions to report to the relevant authorities any cases or signs of digital attack for further actions.

The director noted that through the National Computer Emergency Team, TZ-CERT, the government is prepared for first response to cases of cyber attacks both locally, regionally and internationally.

She explained that the fundamental objective of TZ-CERT is to ensure a high and effective level of network and information within the country and to develop a culture of network and information security for the entire community.

“The government is taking all steps necessary to deal with both local and international cybercrime attacks thus the need for all ICT experts in the country to be wary of attacks and report whenever they are realised” she said, adding that such attack  assaults take place within seconds.

Conie made the statement while officiating the opening of a two weeks capacity building training for ICT officers from government, private and other public institutions on improving and control of ICT system.

She urged that participants to have networks whereby they can easily report, share and discuss various things affecting their ICT systems and also seek help wherever necessary since it is a national goal to thwart cyber-attacks.

The director reminded the officers that the government has gone full digital in its operation, which is a good step but come with a lot of challenges including digital attack. She said while the e-government is expanding, digital attackers might get a loophole for attack if not close monitoring is adhered to.

“We get attacked due to poor system monitoring and without knowing how the hackers come we cannot know how to counterattack” she added, calling on serious observation among ICT officers.

One of the participants at the training, Star Faraji, Principal ICT officer at the Tanzania Electrical Supply Company Limited (TANESCO) thanked the government for the programmed aimed at empowering ICT officials.

He said digital attacks are like the next world war, hence the need for regular capacity building on experts on how to deal with it. “Such training help control cybercrime which has become a global threat and also help to empower systems at different offices” he said.

Nimo Abdi, ICT officer from Dodoma City Council echoed similar sentiments, noting that the training organized by TCRA through the ICT system security capacity building programme, will help improve security system at work places.

“ Every organisation has different system but through such trainings ICT officers should know how the systems work and common challenges facing them,” she said.

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