Danish female breaks a records after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

26Feb 2018
James Lanka
The Guardian
Danish female breaks a records after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro

32 YEAR old Danish national Kristina Schou Madsen has become the first female to spend 6 hours and 52 minutes return trip from the highest peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Kristina Schou Madsen from Denmark who break World Record by becoming the first female to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to highest peak-Uhuru (5,895m above the sea level) using only 6:52 hours instead of  5 to 7 days! She climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro under the charity climb dubbed 'Speed Climb' to raise funds to support the needy in the country. Photo: Correspondent James Lanka

In an exclusive interview with The Guardian after the trip that was dubbed “Speedy Climb’, Madsen said she was delighted at breaking such a record at Mt. Kilimanjaro, having taken the least amount of time among the females to ever undertake the trip.

Masden and fellow trekkers have been on an expedition at Mt. Kilimanjaro to help raise funds in support of projects undertaken by the ZARA charity organisation that runs projects among the Maasai population in Ngorongoro- Arusha.

The funds to be raised will help in the construction of classrooms, toilets, dining hall and a modern kitchen for the school in Ngorongoro.

 “I’m happy that I become the first female in the World to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro using only 6 hours and 52 minutes for the cause, and I’m going to raise funds to support some projects undertaken by the ZARA Charity organisation including the construction of the key buildings at the Maasai school at Ngorongoro area in collaboration with the ZARA Tours and Zara charity organisations,“ she said.

Masden said after successfully accomplishing her mission at Mt. Kilimanjaro, she was now targeting the Ngorongoro crater as well as Serengeti National Park (SENAPA) to see wild animals in their natural habitats.

ZARA Tanzania Adventures managing director Zainab Ansell says such expeditions were aimed at promoting the country’s tourism as well as attracting new tourists to the country. She says the company will continue to work towards supporting the tourism indus

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