Dar City Mayor hails JPM for handling Covid-19 pandemic

06Aug 2020
The Guardian Reporter
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Dar City Mayor hails JPM for handling Covid-19 pandemic

THE Acting Dar es Salaam City Mayor Abdallah Mtinika has congratulated President John Magufuli for his robust strategies in tackling the threat from Covid-19 infection that removed fear among the people over the disease.

THE Acting Dar es Salaam City Mayor Abdallah Mtinika

Mtinika was speaking here yesterday at a launching of a campaign organised by WaterAid that aims to fight infectious waterborne diseases. 

The mayor said washing of hands will not only put the Corona viruses at bay, but will do in respect of more than seven other diseases whose weapon for their eradication was personal hygiene.

"When you wash your hands from time to time with running water, you avoid being infected with infectious diseases including Covid-19, cholera, bilharzia and others,” he said.

He also advised WaterAid to go further in imparting education on personal hygiene to the community and various schools in the country.

He added: “We cannot spread this education solely via journalists, but education given from street to street is more important.”

WaterAid Resident Director Anna Mzinga said they will continue supporting the government in the fight against waterborne diseases.

She said the campaign unveiled has involved various artistes including a soccer player Juma Kaseja who will be educating the community in Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Geita regions and Zanzibar.

"The campaign will go on till January next year and will involve the distribution of the message on the need to change habits on hygiene through the media,” said Mzinga. 

The campaign’s manager, Mrisho Mpoto said it was shame to see a person being infected with diseases for not maintaining personal cleanliness, and added:

"One will say he’s bewitched after he contracts diarrhea, while the truth is the disease is caused by dirty surroundings and by not washing hands with clean running water and soap.”

While receiving applause from various stakeholders in attendance Mpoto said:

"Now we are launching the campaign to educate our youth in the streets and in schools so that they know how to avoid diseases whose cause is uncleanliness, habit of not washing hands with clean water and soap from time to time.”