Dar cosmetics shop owners given 14 days ultimatum

01Oct 2020
Felix Andrew
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Dar cosmetics shop owners given 14 days ultimatum

A consignment of expired cosmetics and other items with no expiry date worth 10m/- have been impounded in Dar es Salaam markets during a crackdown conducted by officials from the Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS).

Speaking to reporters after the exercise, TBS Senior Inspector, Donald Manyama said a total of 620 samples of fake cosmetics were also impounded in shops along Bibi titi road.

“Some shops were found with products that had already expired while others were selling items with no expiry dates,” he said adding the impounded goods include cosmetics, artificial hair and body lotion.

Manyama urged shop owners selling fake cosmetic products in the local market to provide detailed explanations within 14 days on why legal measures should not be taken against them.

He added: “They should explain why they are selling expiry and other products which do not show the manufacture or expiry dates, all of which are endangering human health.”

Manyanya said distributors of expired products and those selling goods which do not show manufacturing dates will be panelized to pay 20m/- each as well as being arraigned for engaging in illegal businesses.

He explained that TBS continues to provide public education to enhance consumer awareness on imported goods and the difference between genuine and fake goods.

He said there was a need for continued public education particularly to importers and distributors of imported goods, including cosmetics on how to identify substandard goods.

One of the dealers who did not want to reveal his name claimed that there were problems in some government departments whereas some dishonest officials allow importation of sub-standard goods in the market.

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