Dar CSO in new initiative to change people’s behavior against Covid-19

29Jun 2020
Francis Kajubi
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Dar CSO in new initiative to change people’s behavior against Covid-19

​​​​​​​A Dar es Salaam-based non  profit civil society organisation ‘Babawatoto’ has launched a new campaign aimed at encouraging community members to change behaviour by adopting precaution measures against Covid-19 and make it a part of their daily life.

Funded by Foundation for Civil Societies (FCS) with a Swahili slogan ‘COVID-19 Nitavuka’ literary translates ‘I will survive the COVID-19’ pandemic, the awareness campaign is expected to reach 100,000 residents of Kinondoni and Ubungo districts.

“The public awareness campaign is there but the campaign targets at changing behaviour of community members through social behaviour send communication messages on flyers, posters. jingles and a special song that we have recorded purposely for the campaign,” said Oscar Kapande, project adviser who also serves as a center’s resource mobilization manager.

According to him, the campaign will involve five cyclists commonly known as ‘bodaboda’ riders and five Bajaj riders who will play a role in dissemination of flyers, posters and will be playing the jingles and the special song for the campaign on their motors.

The bodaboda and Bajaj riders will have to go to the market places and other crowded areas to deliver the messages especially to petty traders, Mamalishe and their fellow riders.

“Awareness campaigns have been conducted by the ministry of health through the media since the eruption of the disease. We want people to change their lifestyles by following health guidelines against the pandemic hence adopt precaution measures for the rest of their lives,” said Kapande.

Festo Swai, bodaboda and Bajaj riders chairman for Kinondoni District thanked the organisation for considering the group in running the campaign.

“Our job links us to between 25 and 30 people  daily thus commend their decision to work with us for during the campaign as key agents in delivering the message to most populated areas of the two districts. All passengers we serve are likely to get this message,” said Swai.

According to him, there are 13,000 bodaboda and Bajaj riders in Kinondoni district from 714 passengers’ waiting centres.