Dar leaders camp at school following JPM’s directive

20Jan 2021
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Dar leaders camp at school following JPM’s directive

​​​​​​​A LITTLE-KNOWN primary school in Dar es Salaam has of late become the new work station for to regional officials including Regional Commissioner Abubakar Kunenge, with construction work going on round the clock.

Abubakar Kunenge.

King’ongo primary school in Ubungo municipality came to the limelight at the weekend when a video clip made rounds on social media showing pupils there learning under a tree for lack of classrooms.

This clip prompted a stern reaction from none other than President John Magufuli who on Monday said that he wanted to see pupils in that school learning in classrooms as soon as possible, vowing that he would personally visit the school premises.

Hours after the president spoke from Bukoba in Kagera Region, top officials in the region as well as the ruling party secretariat in Ubungo district trooped to the school to map out and quickly start the construction work.

Trucks carrying all manner of construction materials like bricks, cement, sand and concrete mixers followed, and builders were soon onsite and construction kicked off.

RC Kunenge spent the better part of Monday at the school with other leaders, and some were heard saying that they would spend the night with builders to ensure that the work is completed in the shortest possible time.

As of yesterday, eight classrooms were taking shape at the school while regional, municipal and local government officials jostled for space in supervising the work.

The foundation was dug within hours and leaders there resolved that the classrooms would be complete and ready for use by January 28.

It was not clear how the resources were mobilized within hours but  nonetheless the work started and was ongoing as of yesterday, with some leaders camping there until midnight.

In his directive, President Magufuli said it was unacceptable that pupils in the commercial capital were studying under a tree and leaders were there watching.

“The Regional Commissioner is there, and their member of Parliament who happens to be a professor in education is here with me,” he said. Read More...https://epaper.ippmedia.com

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