Dar resident in court for posturing as TRA officer

20Sep 2019
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Dar resident in court for posturing as TRA officer

A Dar es Salaam resident Kitareti Mwita Muhuti has been arraigned at the district court here for impersonating as an officer of the Tanzania Revenue Office (TRA) and soliciting money.

The accused appeared in court yesterday to hear the charge read by State Attorney Miyango Kezilahabi, assisted by TRA attorney Hadija Senzia before Magistrate Rachel Magoti.

Reading the charge in the case No 170/2019, State Attorney Kezilahabi alleged that the accused committed the offence at different times by impersonating as TRA officer and soliciting money.

This offence falls under Sections 35 and 100(b) of Criminal Procedure Act, he said.

Kezilahabi requested the court to set the date for mention as investigations were not complete.

Magistrate Magoti adjourned the case to October 3 and said bail for the accused was open.

The accused pleaded with the court to reduce the severity of bail conditions because he said he was not a resident of Dodoma.

Magistrate Magoti denied the request and claimed the bail conditions will remain as set by the court in which he was required to have two sureties who are Dodoma residents.

Speaking outside the court, TRA Attorney Senzia said the accused was arrested in Iringa after searching for him for a long time following several incidents of conning people including businessmen in Dodoma, by pretending he was a TRA officer.

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