Dar residents support NEMC solutions to noise pollution

10Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Dar residents support NEMC solutions to noise pollution

​​​​​​​A CROSS-SECTION of Dar es Salaam residents have expressed their satisfaction on the move taken by the National Environment Management Council (NEMC) to take to court people guilty of noise pollution.

In a random interview yesterday they suggested that  all violators of the law must be taken to court irrespective their positions in society.

Alex Mushi, a Sinza resident said: “Noise   pollution is prohibited by law irrespective of the source.  All culprits must be taken to court,” he argued, adding that a lot of noise was coming from different sources.  “Let NEMC truly take to court violators of the law irrespective of their positions in society.”

He said people want to rest after hard work during the day.  However, they were deprived of the rest because of noise from varied sources.  In Sinza, he said, noise originated from differnt sources, especially from entertainment points and bars.

 Muhsin Lingai, a Vingunguti resident, said NEMC’s position needs support from all Tanzanians. “Noise denies people the rest they merit.”

Daud Machuma, a Mikocheni resident, said taking to court violators of the law would bring peace to residential areas, especially at night in Mikocheni area.

“Mikocheni is basically an industrial area.  We like factories because they employ our youths.  However, the law must be respected.  Noise can be contained by employing right technology,” he argued.

NEMC warned a few days back that people violating the  Environmental Management Act, 2004 and its Regulations were risking court action.

On August 17, this year NEMC penalised ten owners of bar and entertainment houses in Dar es Salaam for violating noise management regulation approved by city fathers.

Gwamaka said that the council was also finalising procedures to drag to court some of the suspects, ordering owners of social halls, bars and religious institutions that are located in residential areas to control noise pollution or else they will have to face stern legal measures.

“We have been receiving several complaints from the public concerning noise pollution and we have been acting without delay, NEMC want people to live in their areas peaceful without unnecessary disturbances, so bars and other owners of social halls, religious institutions should control sounds and ensure that there is no noise pollution in their surrounding areas,” he said.

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