Daring woman rescues two men from wild beast

19Feb 2019
The Guardian
Daring woman rescues two men from wild beast

IN unprecedented incident, a woman has managed to rescue two men (including her husband), who were attacked by hyena in Michungwani village, Handeni District.

Shakila Omary rescued the duo from the mouth of a furious hyena.

Tanga Regional Commander Edward Bukombe confirmed the incident, naming those who were rescued as Jafari Athuman (husband) and Aweso Daudi.

He said the incident occurred on Sunday mid-night when Aweso woke up for a “short call” outside their house.

According to him, after being attacked, Aweso screamed for help whereby Athuman came to help him and unfortunately he fell on the same trap.

“They were both rescued after Athuman’s wife came out and shot the hyena with an arrow to death.

Bukombe said that the two men were seriously injured and they are now undergoing medical treatment at Magunga hospital in Korogwe District.   

It wasn’t clear where the hyena came from, though villagers said the African wild dog might have been strayed from nearby forest reserves.

Last year, fiver people including two game rangers, two police officers and ordinary citizen were seriously injured by a hyena in Ilemela district, Mwanza Region.

The unusual incident highlighted the escalating tension in the area located on the southern shores of Lake Victoria—the Africa’s largest freshwater lake.

In 2014, in the Lake Zone, the Wildlife Department in Mwanza called on parents and guardians to be extra vigilant to the whereabouts of their children at all times in the wake of increasing attacks by hyenas.

Mwanza Regional Wildlife Officer Lusajo Masinde made the call following a fatal hyena attack on two children in Sangabuye village, Ilemela District.

One of the children was killed on the spot while the other passed away few hours later at the Bugando Referral Hospital.

Faustine Christopher whose four-year-old nephew Elias Onesmo was one of mauled children, said Onesmo and three other children were playing outside their house when the stray animal struck.

He said the children screamed for help but by the time their grandfather arrived at the scene, the hyena had already attacked and dragged Onesmo away.

Sangabuye village chairman John Luhaha was quoted saying the villagers went in search of the hyena and found the body disembodied remains of Onesmo with the head and limbs missing.

Hyenas are any feliform carnivoran mammals of the family hyaenidae. With only four extant species. It is the fifth-smallest biological family in the carnivora, and one of the smallest in the class mammalia.




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