DC appeals to vendors to get IDs

13Jul 2020
The Guardian
DC appeals to vendors to get IDs

​​​​​​​VENDORS and small scale traders in Missenyi District, Kagera Region have been urged to  pay for  identification  cards issued by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) for them to carry out their businesses legally.

The call was made recently by Missenyi District Commissioner, Col  Denice Mwila  when addressing reporters on the operations of small-scale traders  in the district.

The DC said the IDs have been distributed to Ward and Village Executives Officers for collection by traders upon payment of 20,000 annual fees.

He said this year; Missenyi District received 7,300 IDs of which only 1,757 only (24 per cent) have already been taken by traders. He said  the uptake rate is small considering the fact that thousands of petty traders operate in the district.

Col Mwila said authorities  have been sensitizing petty traders  through media and ward and village executive officers on the importance of  paying for and acquiring the document.

Abdul Jamal and Adelatha Jonathan who are vendors of households utensils in various street and markets commended  the introduction of identification cards, saying they are now operating freely with the ID compared to before when they were harassed by authorities.

However, some traders at Bugorora market told this paper that that the enforcement was harsh as they are forced to surrender their merchandize to authorities until they pay for the ID.

"How can you classify me as a trader when I have just come to sell a bunch of banana worth 10,000/- ?" lamented Kezia Francis from Igoma Kabingo village in Bugorora ward.

Reacting to the complaints, Bugorora ward executive officer Nuru Helambili admitted to have taken some items from suspected traders who conducted business at the market without IDs.

He said the merchandize were kept safely in the office as officials worked to establish the status of those involved, adding that only ones found to be traders will be required to o pay 20,000/- for the ID.

"We have to be a bit bold because it took us two months to educate traders at this market on the importance of the documents before enforcing implementation of the same," said Helambili.

 Traders required to have the ID are those who earn not more than 2mn/- per year and less than 12,000/- per day.