DC assures people with albinism of peace during elections

21Jan 2020
The Guardian
DC assures people with albinism of peace during elections

Authorities in Shinyanga region has assured people with albinism adequate peace leading to this year’s general elections that will elect Councillors, Members of Parliament and the President, and required them to come out in bid numbers to vote for the leaders of their choice.

This assurance was given by the Shinyanga District Commissioner Jasinta Mboneko who was representing the Shinyanga Regional Commissioner Zainab Telack at the launch the second phase of 'HAKI YETU' project from Under the Same Sun Organisation that aims to eradicate acts of violence against people with albinism.

Mboneko, who is also chairperson of the District’s Defence and Security Committee urged the people with albinism to participate in this year’s general elections as the government will put up an enabling environment for them to do so.

She also said the government through its defence and security apparatuses at all levels to hunt all those who are set to disrupt the peace, including witchdoctors who are bent to cause harm to people with albinism.

Meanwhile, the DC directed all six district councils in Shinyanga region to ensure they set aside part of their budgets for the purchase of special needs for people with albinism.

The project manager of Under the Same Sun organisation Wakyo Musong'o said   'HAKI YETU' project is being  implemented  in Shinyanga region for second phase that started in October, last year and ends June 2021 with the aim of eradicating violence  against people with albinism.

He said the method they will use to do that includes giving education to the society on the fact that the people with albinism are not different from other human beings.