DC orders doctor arrests over graft, ethical discrepancies

23Jan 2017
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DC orders doctor arrests over graft, ethical discrepancies

THREE doctors at Kwimba District Hospital (Ngudu) in Mwanza Region have been apprehended by the police acting on orders from district commissioner Mtemi Msafiri, who accused the trio of seriously violating professional ethics.

The medics in police custody since yesterday include district vaccination coordinator Dr Gaspa Luliga, who is accused of forging the signatures of members of the district security committee.

Others are Dr Bethod Nchemba, a surgeon, and Dr Esther Kanyasu from the hospital’s X-ray department, both of whom are accused of soliciting bribes from patients.

“These doctors have acted contrary to their professional and work ethics. I therefore order the police officer commanding district (OCD) to arrest them immediately,” Msafiri said.

The DC categorically stated that in forging the signatures of district security committee members, Dr Luziga pocketed 9 million/- meant for mother and child vaccinations in the district.

Nchemba is said to have received a 100,000/- bribe from a patient he operated on, while Kanyasu allegedly solicited a bribe of an unspecified amount.

According to Msafiri, the arrest of the medics is a wake-up call to doctors in the district who abuse their positions and engage in corrupt activities.

He said there was also a tendency of doctors persuading patients to abandon government hospitals and seek treatment in private facilities where they (the doctors) work part-time.

Ngudu hospital principal nursing officer Catherine Donald said the hospital faces a lot of ethical challenges amongst staff, and her role includes reminding nurses of their responsibility to take good care of all patients.

Donald said on several occasions she has had to reprimand nurses over issues such as indecent dressing, which she termed as a common problem amongst staff.
Hospital staffers lamented about a difficult working environment, including inadequate equipment.