DC, regional mining inspection team run into marijuana farm

14Feb 2020
The Guardian
DC, regional mining inspection team run into marijuana farm

SENIOR government officials in Kahama District, Shinyanga Region were at midweek shocked after making an impromptu visit to an artisanal gold mining camp in the area to inspect progress only to meet a thriving marijuana farm.

Kahama District Commissioner Anamringi Macha.

But since this apparently well attended farm located at Kakola area within Bulyanhulu Ward was in an area used by tens of hundreds of miners, law enforcers failed to make any arrest as those in the vicinity disowned it.

Kahama District Commissioner Anamringi Macha who led the team on Wednesday moved to order the miners to weed out all the plants.

The miners obliged, got to work and in a matter of minutes, uprooted the whole farm lest they get into more trouble. But after consulting his colleagues, the DC told the miners what he thought:

“I’m very disappointed about you. Instead of engaging in gold mining, you have ventured into marijuana farming which is an illegal activity.”

The DC threatened that if the illegal activity continued in the area, the government will not hesitate to stop artisanal mining in the area or allocate the plots to law abiding individuals.

Macha also directed law enforcers in the district to embark on inspection of all small mining camps in the district to check on illegal activities like marijuana farming.

Shinyanga Regonal Mining Officer Joseph Kumburu who was part of the delegation said the inspection of activities in artisanal mining camps will be extended to cover the whole region.

“These miners are lucky that no one has been arrested. If we find this kind of activity anywhere else in the region, those working there will be arrested and prosecuted,” he warned.

This discovery comes less than a week after a Polish national was arrested in connection with growing and processing marijuana for sale locally and export at Himo area in Moshi, Kilimanjaro region.

Briefing reporters after the arrest of Damian Sankowski, the Drugs Control and Enforcement Authority (DCEA) Commissioner General James Kaji said the suspect produced well packaged products that look like jam and honey.

He said the products—some of which were seized in the suspect’s residence—were not for medicinal but intoxicating use and were popular with users from Europe.

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