DC urges leaders to be vigilant of tree fellers

16Aug 2016
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DC urges leaders to be vigilant of tree fellers

NACHINGWEA District Commissioner Rukia Muwango has urged local government leaders to ensure that forests that surround their areas of jurisdiction are well protected as per rules and guidelines that govern the key resource.

The DC made the call over the weekend when she received 80 desks from the Tanzanian Forest Service Agency (TFS) in the district.

She urged village leaders not to use making the desks as an excuse to engage in illegal logging to line their own pockets.
Muwango said that there were some leaders who colluded with illegal loggers to want only fell trees using chain saws, a situation which is detrimental to forest resources.

The DC, however, commended TFS in the area for complementing the government’s efforts to address desk shortage.
The donated desks will be distributed to primary schools which are in need of the facilities such as Juhudi Primary School and Nachingwea Primary School.

She also called on education officials from the council to enter into contracts with head teachers of the schools that are being provided with desks so that they can take good care of the desks so that when damaged they would take responsibility and made to pay through portions of their salaries.

The TFS official in the district, Togolai Tindikali, said that the donation was part of the agency’s mission of ensuring that every district got enough desks.

He also thanked authorities in Nachingwea District for cooperation which had helped to facilitate the process of getting the desks.

The TFS official cited shifting cultivation, forest fires and harvesting by using chain saws as among the challenges facing the sector.

He said shifting cultivation and burning of trees was a problem which threatened the existence of forests in the area and the country at large.

He blamed the ongoing tendency whereby farmers move from one area to another as they look for new farms, leading to deforestation.

He added: “But there have been fires caused by distorted traditional practices and illegal hunting of animals."
Tindikali also cited harvesting of forest products using chain saws as another problem that threatened the life of the forest in the district.

Last year, according to him, TFS managed to impound 25 saws, which were used to harvest fruit from the forest.

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