DED warns unfaithful supervisors in TASAF new exercise

28Jul 2020
The Guardian
DED warns unfaithful supervisors in TASAF new exercise

​​​​​​​LOCAL government officials and ten-cell leaders have been called on to be honest and abide by ethics in the new exercise to verify the targeted poor households under the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) programme.

This call has been given by the Executive Director of Kongwa District Council Dr Omari Mkulo when he spoke to reporters in his office.

Dr Mkulo told the local government officials and ten-cell leaders that they were important in the exercise to identify poor households to receive government’s assistance as they know all residents in their areas, hence if they are not honest they will spoil the government’s good intention to help the poor.

He said the exercise is expected to kick off on August 1 this year in the district and they expect to give training to supervisors thereof before they start their work.

He said in the training the supervisors will be trained on how to work together with local leaders in the areas to identify poor households.

Dr Mkulo said the supervisors will be sworn in and if they violate their oaths they will be made legally responsible.

He said the government had suspended the programme after it was found out there were many people unqualified for TASAF assistance but were paid the money.

He said Kongwa District is well mobilised to ensure the exercise is conducted in time and targets the poor households.

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