Digital firm touts remote work post-Covid-19

30Sep 2020
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Digital firm touts remote work post-Covid-19

A TANZANIAN digital transformation firm says that remote work practice brought about by Covid-19 pandemic is a positive outcome that should be embraced by companies in Africa for enhanced efficiency and growth.

CEO Edwin Bruno.

In its launch of a drive to popularise continuation of the new work culture in Dar es Salaam yesterday, the company, Smart Codes, introduced a slogan ‘Working from anywhere anytime’ to hammer the message.

The company maintains that the purpose of working at a physical setting is to achieve set objectives and most of the activities can be achieved through the use of available and affordable technologies, and meet goals with less efforts and resources.

Speaking at the event, the firm’s CEO Edwin Bruno said the company saw the challenges posed by the novel Covid-19 in Tanzania and the world at large and immediately took the initiative to shift to a safer working model by adopting remote working arrangement.

“The secret is to make people evaluate their options on what medium to use. For instance, when to send an email instead of a phone call or when to send a text message instead of a memo. Sometimes a speech is not necessary because a blog post can reach more people with more impact,” he said.

He said technology allows people to communicate effectively without necessarily meeting in person and in doing so saving time, money and other resources.

“This is the approach that provides the safest way to do work and deliver services with great flexibility and convenience while still observing social distancing and reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus,” he said.

Bruno said the future of African agencies lies in collective efforts in adapting to new ways of working, especially now in the digital economy where companies that remain relevant are those that strive to innovate so as to meet the emerging digital trends that have been accelerated by Covid-19.

“We are proud to have introduced our new way of work and we recognise the importance of maintaining the trust invested in us by our clients. With this in mind, we have managed to set up a structure that ensures ‘Working from anywhere anytime’ as a safe way to do work and deliver services to our clients and relationships with our partners,” he said.

The CEO said the adoption of the approach was in alignment with the survey the firm conducted recently to evaluate staff’s’ response to teleworking which showed that the majority enjoyed flexibility that comes with working remotely.

The survey also found that many workers felt more focused in a convenient and private setting while majority said they faced minimal to no disruptions that would slow down the process of getting things done.

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