Doctor calls for improved visitation

15Jul 2020
The Guardian
Doctor calls for improved visitation

CHIEF Medical Officer (CMO) Prof Abel Makubi has instructed officials of Dodoma Region Referral Hospital to improve medical services to the people who visit it for treatment.

CHIEF Medical Officer (CMO) Prof Abel Makubi.

Prof Makubi issued the directives here yesterday after making an announced visit at the hospital and witnessed several failings including delay in prompt treatment of patients, doctors not seeing patients in mandatory times and delay in the diagnostic services.

He said it is imperative for the hospital’ leadership to attend to these failings to enable the people receive better medical services.

“There are good things that you do and congratulate you for those, but you must look at the other side where people need, for the inadequacies we have witnessed we would like to see this hospital to be an example for all regional referral hospitals to emulate” he said.

Prof Makubi said the hospital should show a good example starting from better medical services to patients, shortening of the time for a patient to consult a doctor, the availability of nurses and specialists when needed and cleanliness in the wards. Many people visit this hospital before being referred to bigger hospital like Benjamin Mkapa Hospital,” he added.

The CMO also directed the hospital leadership and staff to understand their responsibilities by showing that they care for all the people and called on them to put up procedures that do not inconvenience patients.

Prof Makubi dismayed when he found some patients in the wards who have not been visited by doctors for more than three days, nurses making rounds without doctors while interns working alone without supervision.

“Some patients were sleeping on the floor while some beds were vacant, the wards environment were wanting as to the proper arrangement of medical and other equipment, you must understand where you are,” he said.

He called upon doctors at the hospital to work together with the nursing staff when treating patients.

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