Doctors among hundreds quarantined in Zanzibar

03Apr 2020
The Guardian
Doctors among hundreds quarantined in Zanzibar

​​​​​​​THE number of people who are in quarantine due to the Covid-19 pandemic in Zanzibar has reached 324, among them 27 medical doctors who came into close contacts with patients.

Zanzibar Health Minister Hamad Rashid Mohamed

Zanzibar Health Minister Hamad Rashid Mohamed said yesterday that 65 of the quarantined individuals are waiting for results on their samples sent to Dar es Salaam for testing and verification on infection or lack of it.

He said Zanzibar has five proven Covid-19 sufferers who were receiving treatment at a special centre set at Kidimni in the Zanzibar Central Region, and they were all doing well.

He said as of now the government has taken the decision to close all pubs and entertainment halls in both Unguja and Pemba to minimize the spread of Covid-19.

Hamad appealed to islanders to understand that there is still no cure or vaccine for the disease, hence it was imperative for them to abide by directives and guidelines issued by the government, including remaining at home and avoid gatherings.

“The guidelines are not being fully complied with as people are still using market places for conversations, participating in wedding and burial ceremonies – all of which are contrary to the government’s directives,” he said.

The minister also appealed to men who married wives in Mombasa and in Zanzibar and were at the moment on the other side of the channel to remain in Kenya to avoid importing the disease.

He said 710 people have been arrested in Pemba as they were coming from Mombasa after passing through unauthorized ports.

The minister called on residents to avoid gatherings and stop the habit of going to drink coffee at urban shaded talking shops.

 For his part, the Director of the Zanzibar Mnazi Mmoja Hospital Dr Jamal Adam Kassim, appealed to the media to educate the community on how to protect themselves against the Covid-19 pandemic, as its rate of infection and death tally wreaks havoc around the world.

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