Dodoma City increases revenue collection by 88 pc in four years

11Sep 2020
The Guardian
Dodoma City increases revenue collection by 88 pc in four years

​​​​​​​DODOMA City Council has increased internal revenue collection from 3.6bn/- in 2015/16 to 52.1bn/- in 2019/20 Fiscal Year.

Joseph Mafuru.

Speaking here yesterday, city council’s Executive Director Joseph Mafuru said the increase was equivalent to 788 percent.

He explained that the Council’s revenue collection estimates have increased from 4.5bn/- in 2015/16 to 59.1bn/- in 2019/20 fiscal year, equivalent of 80 percent.

He noted that in 2015/16 fiscal year, estimates stood at 4.5bn/- but 3.6bn/- was collected, the equivalent of 80 percent.

“In 2016/17 fiscal year, the council estimated to collect 4.8bn/- but 4.8bn was collected, equivalent of 123 percent.

Mafuru said in 2017/18 fiscal year, revenue collection estimate was 20.7bn/- but 25.03bn/- was collected equivalent to 121 percent, while in 2018/19 fiscal year, the estimate was to collect 71.9bn/- but only 58.2bn/-was collected, equivalent of 87 percent.

“In 2019/20 fiscal year, we had estimated to collect 59.1bn/- but until June this year, we have collected 52.1bn/- or 88 percent of the estimates,” he said.

On the audit queries, Mafuru said the City has reduced audit queries from the Controller and Auditor General (CAG) from 161 in 2015/16 to 46 in FY 2018/19 fiscal year.

“Also in three consecutive years the City Council has been doing well in regard to auditing by receiving clean certificates from CAG,” he added.

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