Dodoma faces acute shortage of blood

31Dec 2019
The Guardian
Dodoma faces acute shortage of blood

DODOMA Region is facing an acute shortage of blood due to the reduction in the number of donors, the situation that threatens the lives of patients needing blood transfusion at the region’s various hospitals.

This was revealed here yesterday by the head of safe blood – Dodoma region Dr Leah Kitundya when speaking to reporters in her office.

DR Kitundya said the blood bank is faced with an acute shortage of blood for those in need especially those injured through accidents. She even suggested requesting the people in the military personnel  stationed in the region but no one  had showed  up to donate blood.

She said the main reason for blood shortage is the low   number of people willing  to donate blood. She said another reason is closure of secondary schools as many students were coming up to donate blood.

She said the balance of blood in the blood bank is 131 pints out of which only 24 has been examined by the Central Laboratory in Dar es Salaam.

She said another 1,336 pints have been  arrived  from Dar es Salaam Central laboratory which were sent for examination.

She said the remaining balance has to cope with the needs of various hospitals in the region especially large hospitals in Dodoma city – including Benjamin Mkapa, Makole, St Gema, Dodona Referral Hospital, Dodoma Christian Medical Centre (DCMC) and UDOM Hospital at its dialysis centre.

She said in the past they used to collect between 7509 to 800 pints per day but at present the number is less than 20 pints per day, which, she said is very does not augur well.

She said Dodoma referral hospital alone needs about 25 to 30 pints of safe blood per day.

She asked government leaders to mobilize wananchi to come up and donate blood to save lives of patients needing blood transfusion.

She said her unit has been visiting various places with large number of people including markets, churches, mosques and bus stations to mobilize people to donate blood.

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