Dodoma welding trainees grateful for Danish support to their project

14Feb 2020
The Guardian
Dodoma welding trainees grateful for Danish support to their project

FIFTY youths who are being trained in welding at Hombolo in Dodoma Region yesterday thanked Denmark for the financial support the country has given to their project that seeks to make them future self-reliant and dependable artisans.

Speaking at their workshop premises, interviewees were positive to Danish support saying the financial help was directly helping the beneficiaries. The Danish support to the project goes through the Local Investment Climate Project (LIC) which works closely with the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC).

“If it had not been for the Danish help and the TNBC I would not have been here,” said Andrea Masanika, one of the trainees, adding: “We’re grateful for the Danish government. LIC has funded the training we are having here so that we can be able to employ ourselves and employ others.”

He said welding was a kind of profession that could easily make a welder self-reliant because, he said, services of a welder were needed in many parts of the country. However, he said most of the trainees would be unable to get capital to start their own workshops after completing the course.

Masanika, supported by fellow trainees, proposed that district councils should support young people to start projects after getting training through their own initiatives.

The training at Hombolo is done by a local company that produces simple machines that process crops in villages. The owner of the company, Joel Ngosso said he was happy with the training because, he said, the trainees were serious with their lessons and he is convinced that most of them would become skilled artisans.

He thanked the government and the TNBC for designating their company for training the youths. “I had a dream of giving young people this kind of knowledge. I have realized my dream because the government, through the TNBC, listened to me and believed in me. This is how I got support from LIC to train these people,” Ngosso told journalists who accompanied Minister Jenista Mhagama on an inspection tour of TNBC-sponsored projects in Dodoma Region.

Mhagama is the Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office (Policy, Parliament, Youth, Women and People with Disabilities). LIC projects are designated as economic empowerment projects in the region.

Ngosso said through LIC support their workshop got high-voltage electricity, the workshop was expanded, the company was given technical equipment and machinery specifically for training people.

“This huge support was a big motivation to us. It hardened my commitment to train these people.”

The TNBC Executive Secretary, Dr Godwill Wanga said the TNBC would continue to encourage young people to seize such kind of opportunities to be able to benefit from donor-funded projects.

“Our job, as TNBC, is to follow up closely projects started with the help of outsiders and ensure they benefit the people as planned,” he said.