Don’t despair in life pursuits, Prof Mkumbo tells the youth

09Aug 2021
Sabato Kasika
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Don’t despair in life pursuits, Prof Mkumbo tells the youth

​​​​​​​INDUSTRY and Trade Minister Prof Kitila Mkumbo has called upon the youth not to despair in life pursuits, instead they should endeavour to work hard while their government continues to put in place friendly environment for business, investment and innovation.

​​​​​​​INDUSTRY and Trade Minister Prof Kitila Mkumbo.

Prof. Mkumbo made the remarks at the weekend at the event in which he handed a 550m/- cheque for 55 youth who managed to obtain advertisements through the Big Joe Deal (Mchongo wa Big Joe). 

The youth were selected from their business undertakings whereby 55 of them were successful and qualified for business with each receiving 10m/-.

"The government’s aim is to put in place friendly business, investment and innovation environment to involve many youth, even including facilitating stakeholders,” he said.

He said he was among the beneficiaries through radio stations in which he discussed various issues and that the government values the contributions 9of these institutions in enhancing employment opportunities for the youth.

"On be4half of the government would like to convey may compliments to Clouds Media Group (CMG) through its Managing Director, Joseph Kusaga (Big Joe) for his huge contribution in helping the government to provide employment to the country’s youth,” Prof Mkumbo added.

For his part, the Dar es Salaam Regional Commissioner, Amos Makalla said the government recognizes the contribution of the private sector in the employment issue, and that it will continue to work together with it.

Speaking on the RC behalf, Kinondoni District Commissioner Godwin Gondwe said the government is putting in place a friendly environment to make sure the youth engage themselves in various business activities for their economic wellbeing.

CMG Managing Director Joseph Kusaga called upon the youth who made through in the “Big Joe Deal” contest not to be mean, instead they should educate their fellows on ways to success.

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