Don’t work as a routine, NEC tells election supervisors

28Jul 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Don’t work as a routine, NEC tells election supervisors

​​​​​​​THE National Electoral Commission has called upon election supervisors for this year’s general elections to avoid working as a routine in order to remove complaints that emerge during elections.

The call was given yesterday by NEC Commissioner Omari Ramadhani Mapuri when opening a three-day training seminar in Dodoma involving 162 supervisors from the Central Zone.

"Election is a process that incorporates various procedures that have to be followed and adhered to, follow these procedures as they are the foundations for a good election that is without complaints,” he said.

Mapuri required the supervisors to exchange experiences and discuss better ways to make the election a success.

“You should also discuss on the best way to tackle various challenges that may arise in various stages of elections, by adhering to ethics and laws and regulations as well as guidelines issued by NEC from to time,” he said. 

The NEC Commissioner told the supervisors that they have been trusted and appointed to their posts by NEC as they are capable to do the job.

He also called upon them to ensure they know their geographical work stations and also ensure they work well with their assistants for better results.

Mapuri stressed that they should work together with political parties and other election stakeholders so as to enhance transparency in the elections.

Earlier, the supervisors took oath of allegiance administered by the Dodoma Senior Resident Magistrate Mary Senapee who called upon them to sign their oaths, saying they will be held legally responsible in case they violate their oaths.

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