Downpour leaves 15 families homeless

08May 2017
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Downpour leaves 15 families homeless

SOME 15 families are living without shelter after weekend rains destroyed 52 houses at Mrito Village, Kemambo Ward in Tarime District.

Nyabusara Primary School.

The ruined structures included those housing Nyabusara Primary School teachers and a Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Speaking to The Guardian, Kemambo councilor Rashid Bogomba and Ward Executive Officer Paulo Maisori said that the downpour and strong winds at the weekend damaged either roofs or whole houses, rendering owners homeless.

“The victims are currently being sheltered by neighbours and well-wishers,” said Bogomba, adding that among the victims were three teachers.

Maisori said the downpour also destroyed acres of crops, especially bananas and maize, unleashing a threat to food shortage in the area.

“We call upon the government at the district level to come and assess the damage and come up with a rescue plan for the victims,” said Maisori.

Tarime District Regional Administrative Secretary John Marwa said the disaster coordination team was already deployed to the village to assess the situation and draw a response plan of action.

“The team, led by officers from the office of district executive director, is already heading to the affected area,” Marwa said.

The April-May rains have brought both blessings and a curse in different parts of the country. In rural areas that depend on rain-fed agriculture, residents were supposed to be celebrating this wet season but the magnitude of the downpour has now brought bad news.

Urban areas have not been spared either. The rains have caused mayhem in major towns, especially the city of Dar es Salaam, that comes to a virtual standstill whenever it pours. What gets exposed the most is the wanting state of infrastructure as many city roads become impassable during rainy seasons.

Clogged drainage systems turn the otherwise glittering Dar es Salaam into a floating city and brings many businesses into a standstill.

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