Dr   Shein  hails   Chinese  continued support

12Sep 2019
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Dr   Shein  hails   Chinese  continued support

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohammed Shein has hailed the Chinese government for the continued support to the Isles’ development endeavours.

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohammed Shein.

He said that China has been in forefront in supporting the Indian Ocean island in different sectors through  the  experts  who  had been sent to train locals.

President Shein made the remarks yesterday when he held talks with the Secretary to the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) Dong Weihong who is also the deputy director of the China National Research Institute of Food Fermentation Industries.

Dr Shein said the Chinese government has been sending  experts since  1960  just after the revolution in 1964 and that the coming of the experts was a continuation of the relationship.

“It is a positive thing because the Chinese government has been helping us in various sectors including health, agriculture  education industries and this has had a great impact to the Zanzibar development,” said Dr Shein.

During the talks, Dr Shein said the Chinese government has a long history with Tanzania, saying it is happy with the developments    that both countries had achieved.

He added that the sending of the experts was in support of the Isles government to develop various sectors.

Dr Shein promised continued bilateral relations between the two countries to ensure the long relations between the people of the two countries was suatainable.

Dr Shein said conducting the training in Zanzibar reduced the costs that the government could have incurred by sending them abroad.

Earlier, Chinese Consular General Xie Xiaowu told Dr Shein that his country values the relations that exist between the two countries saying it will continue offering scholarships to Tanzanian students.

In his remarks, the visiting Chinese official commended Dr Shein for his efforts in ensuring the trainings were conducted for the benefit of the citizenry.

The training started yesterday and will last up to next month and will include 45 officials from various ministries and from the office of the president.