Dr Mengi honoured with prestigious environmental award

16Feb 2019
The Guardian
Dr Mengi honoured with prestigious environmental award

IPP Executive Chairman Dr Reginald Mengi has been awarded prestigious environmental and conservation award by the Kilimanjaro Regional office for his passion for planting trees.

IPP Executive Chairman Dr Reginald Mengi

This is in recognition of his decades of dedication to tree planting in Kilimanjaro which makes it one of the greenest regions in the country. Dr Mengi is also known for spearheading such efforts in other regions. 


The award was received on his behalf yesterday by the human resources manager with the Moshi-based Bonite Bottlers Joyce Sangoda during the Kilimanjaro Regional Consultative Committee (RCC) meeting.


Speaking at the RCC meeting, Kilimanjaro Regional Commissioner Dr Anna Mghwira said that her office had acknowledged and commended the outstanding role played by Dr Mengi in the environmental conservation endeavours, hence the decision to recognise him for this   award.


“My office has decided to award Dr Mengi for his continued passion for tree planting; he has planted 24 million trees in our region,” Dr Mghwira said. 


Also awarded for such efforts is the Tanzania coffee Research Institute (TaCRI) which produced a total 21,000 trees and supplied the same for planting in various villages and schools in Kilimanjaro Region.


“We commend the role played by TaCRI in environmental protection and conservation especially in the villages and schools in the region. They also produced a total of 13,914,347 coffee seedlings and distributed them all over the country within four year,” she said.


The RC’s office also recognised the Moshi-based sugar factory-TPC, Floresta Tanzania, and the Kilimanjaro National Parks authority (KINAPA) for their work on environmental protection and conservation in the region.



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