Dr Mpango orders companies to subscribe to TANePS

11Jul 2018
Henry Mwangonde
The Guardian
Dr Mpango orders companies to subscribe to TANePS

ALL institutions supplying goods and services to the government must subscribe to the National Electronic Procurement System (TANePS) or forget about getting any tender from public institutions, Finance and Planning Minister Dr Phillip Mpango has directed.

Finance and Planning Minister Dr Phillip Mpango.

Dr Mpango directed the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) to ensure that all companies and agencies that supply goods and services operate under the new system saying the regulator should immediately embark on the sensitization campaign.

Speaking at the ongoing Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair when he toured the Ministry of Finance and Planning Pavilion, Dr Mpango also

called upon public institutions as well as goods and service providers to register with the newly introduced electronic procurement system.

“No institution will conduct business with the government out of this system and you should begin with those who provide huge amounts of goods,” said the minister.

Under the new system, the Tanzania National Electronic Procurement System (TANePS) which is operated by the PPRA is expected to increase transparency and efficiency.

The Minister stated that the new system ensures value for money in the public procurement because 75 per cent of the budget is spent on procurement.

“I call upon all 500 institutions to register with this system as soon as possible. The suppliers should also be educated on how the new system works,” Dr Mpango said.

According to Bertha Soka, PPRA’s Head of Legal, the new system is under pilot in this financial year, with 100 public entities have been picked for that purpose.

The selected procuring entities are those on procurement of common use items such as medicines and medical supplies.

The system, according to the minister is already open for registration of suppliers of goods and services, especially those interested in framework agreements.

She said so far, 400 suppliers of goods and services have been registered countrywide and will be educated over the system.

She says the system will replace the traditional one which requires the institutions to advertise in the media then suppliers physically pick the tender forms.

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