Dr Mwinyi commends ZIFF for advertising Zanzibar tourism

21Jul 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
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Dr Mwinyi commends ZIFF for advertising Zanzibar tourism

ZANZIBAR President Dr Hussein Ali Mwinyi says Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) is one of the ways to advertise and develop tourism including the Isles heritage.

Dr Mwinyi made the observations yesterday at Zanzibar State House when he met with ZIFF officials led by its director  Prof Martin Muhando.

The President said his government supports ZIFF efforts saying it was an important way to develop and advertise Zanzibar’s tourism.

He praised ZIFF officials for the huge task that has been bringing benefits to the Isles.

He stressed that the government will continue working together with ZIFF to ensure it continues to attain more achievements.

In regard to film acting he said it would be better for the youth to be educated on the issue and that they should be brought together to develop their talents in various fields, and suggested that a centre should be established in Zanzibar for that.

In regard to “Bongo Flavour” music, he said it has made great strides and is now comparable to the music from outside Tanzania.

President Mwinyi also spoke on the need to establish colleges for developing talents while stressing that conducting of seminars by ZIFF will assist the youth to a great extent.

Earlier, ZIFF Director Prof Martin Muhando said the Festival that begun 24 years ago has been of great success in Zanzibar and is expected to be held from today July 21 to 25 this year.

He said in this year’s event the first winning film was from Tanzania, and added that in the past only small films were being made but as years went by more success has been realised and added that it was time for Tanzania made films to be more professional.

He said out of 65 films this year Tanzania has 16 and assured Dr Mwinyi that they have high hopes some of them being awarded.

He said ZIFF is the second biggest festival of its kind in Africa after the one in Burkina Fasso.

He also said their main aim is to merge film and tourism industries that will have one task – to advertise Zanzibar.

He said for this year in collaboration with Germany’s Deutsche Welle (DW) they plan to conduct film training aimed at having serial films and plan to select five themes and each theme will be paid USD 10,000.

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