Dr Mwinyi urges unity after nomination win

11Jul 2020
James Kandoya
The Guardian
Dr Mwinyi urges unity after nomination win

​​​​​​​THE Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) presidential candidate for Zanzibar, Dr Hussein Mwinyi has appealed for unity within the party after winning the party’s nomination to carry its flag in the October general elections.

Speaking after his nomination in Dodoma yesterday, Dr Mwinyi called on the losing aspirants to work together with him during and after election campaigns.

The formalised candidate reminded his colleagues in the Isles CCM ranks that they together have a general election ahead. “The most important thing now is unity,” he declared.

Outgoing Defence Minister Mwinyi promised to serve the nation to improve the living standards of Zanzibar people.

“Our duty ahead is heavy and needs joint efforts to win the polls with a large number of votes,” he said, expressing his reliance on the support of all aspirants and other party members.

Dr Mwinyi, son of second phase Union president and briefly Zanzibar president Ali Hassan Mwinyi now clocking 95 years of age, sent assurances to be ready to work with his erstwhile rivals when he forms a new government, insisting that he will not leave them aside.

The candidate was selected after an internal nomination process where the NEC delegates led by CCM chairman Dr John Magufuli announced his candidature after winning 129 votes of the close to 170 NEC members in attendance, equivalent to 78.65 per cent of the total.

NEC nominated Dr Mwinyi as its candidate for the Zanzibar presidency while endorsing Dr Magufuli as sole contender for the Union presidency.

Dr Mwinyi is expected to replace Dr Ali Mohammed Shein who has served two five-year terms. 

Chairing the meeting temporarily in Dodoma after the nomination of Dr Mwinyi through votes, Dr Shein took the delegates through the performance record of President Magufuli in the past four years and asked the members to endorse him as sole candidate, to which the delegates agreed in unison.

Dr Mwinyi and Dr Magufuli’s names as Zanzibar and Union presidential candidates respectively are expected to be approved today in the party’s general congress in the capital.

The meeting will bring to an end the nomination process for the country’s top leadership which commenced with collection of nomination forms on June 15 to 30, simultaneous with collection of guarantors’ signatures in the regions.

Tanzania goes to the polls in October to elect the Union and Zanzibar presidents alogn with MPs, members of the Isles House of Representatives and ward councilors. 

Dr Mwinyi contested against ex-Chief Minister Shamsi Vuai Nahodha who got 16 votes (9 percent) and Dr Khalid Mohamed (19 votes or 11.59 percent of the all votes.

Earlier before, the Ethics Committee of the party secretariat had submitted five names out of 31 aspirants to the central committee which then picked three names for the NEC voting exercise.

The five also included Water minister Prof Makame Mbarawa and Khamis Mussa Omar.

Aspirants who picked up forms for nomination to contest for the Isles presidency are Musa Aboud Jumbe (son of the second Isles president Aboud  Jumbe), Ambassador Ali Karume (son of founder president Abeid Amani Karume), and Mohammed Hija Mohammed.

Others were Mbwana Bakari Juma, Abdulhalim Mohammed Ali, Hamis Mussa Omari, Mwantumu Mussa Sultani, Haji Rashid Pandu, Abdulhalim Mohammed Ali, Jecha Salum Jecha (who formerly chaired the Zanzibar Electoral Commission), and Dr Khalid Salum Mohammed.

Other aspirants were Rashid Ali Juma, Khamis Mussa Omar, Mmanga Mjengo Mjawiri, Hamad Yussuf Masauni ( union deputy minister), Mohammed Aboud Mohammed (Isles cabinet minister), Bakari Rashid Bakari, Hussein Ibrahim Makungu, Ayoub Mohammed Mahmoud, Hashim Salum Hashim and Hasna Attai.

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