Dr Shein  underscores unique relationship between Tanz and Zambia

23Mar 2019
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Dr Shein  underscores unique relationship between Tanz and Zambia

ZANZIBAR President, Dr Ali Mohammed Shein, has underscored the importance of cementing mutual historic relationship between Zambia and the United Republic of Tanzania.

ZANZIBAR Presiden Dr Ali Mohammed Shein,

Dr Shein, made the statement at   Zanzibar State House in the Isles, where the Tanzania High Commissioner   to Zambia  Hassan Simba Yahya  paid a courtesy call.

During the talks, Dr Shein said the history of Zambia and Tanzania is an important factor to be maintained and this can be achieved through economic and diplomatic links between Dar-es-Salaam and Lusaka.

Both Zambia and Tanzania share a common territorial border as well as the common South African Development Community (SADC) trading platform and the two countries enjoying the passenger and cargo services of the Tanzania Zambia Railway (TAZARA)   dating way back to the days of their respective founding leaders; Mwalimu Julius Nyerere and Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

“At the moment, Tanzania chairs SADC and thus in better position to push for further goals towards cementing Dar-Lusaka relationship  and ensuring that both old and new targets were maintained. said Dr Shein.

The Zanzibar President also pointed out the fact that the new revived state carrier, Air-Tanzania (ATCL) is already operating direct flights between Zambia and Tanzania and this is another catalyst towards strengthening the ties between the two states, including creating a common tourism platform.  

He added that even higher learning institutions of Zambia and Tanzania can be assisted to form a common union to enable    the two  exchange programmes of scholars and tutors.

For his part, the high commissioner assured the Isles President of his commitment to fulfill his mandate as well as to help build even stronger relationship between Tanzania and Zambia, especially through the latest country’s policy of industrialization drive and economic development policies of the fifth phase government.