Dr Shein calls for stronger public-private partnership

21Sep 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Dr Shein calls for stronger public-private partnership

President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has said the Zanzibar deliberately decided to work together with the private sector because the sector is an engine for the country’s economic growth.

Dr Shein’s remarks were given at the weekend at the opening of the 11th  Business Forum in Kikwajuni, Zanzibar that was preceded the meeting of Tanzania National Business Council (NBC) held at Zanzibar State House.

Dr Shein said economic growth is driven by the private sector and the government deliberately decided to ensure better achievements are obtained, as that was now happening.

He stressed the cooperation built between the government and the private sector should be strengthened as its benefits were now clearly being discerned.

Dr Shein, who was the Forum’s Chair said the gathering followed his earlier pledge to say farewell after the nearly 9 years of good performance. 

He praised top officials of Trade and Industry ministry for managing well the portfolio following the Isles tradition of being the hub of trade in East and central Africa since the 16th century.

He also praised NBC members, business people and the business community in general saying the Council has been strengthened since he became Zanzibar President.

He said traditionally business has been depending on other sectors to flourish an d that is why the government established the industry and trade ministry.

He also used the opportunity to praise Zanzibar traders for importing adequate goods including food that has eased people’s demand.

At the event Dr Shein also unveiled a new book – “Zanzibar Business Enabling Environment 2020”.

For his part the Minioster for Industry and Trade Amb Amina Salum Ali hailed achievements in the business sector under Dr Shein’s leadership.

She said the government has convened the business forum with a slogan “Friendly Business Environment for Zanzibar’s development.”

She said the ministry she was leading has done a great job in working together with business people while Dr Shein’s leadership had put in place a friendly environment for them including the enactment of suitable laws.

The Secretary of Zanzibar Revolutionary Council and Chief Minister Dr Abdukhamid Yahya Mzee said the main of the Forum was to say farewell and hailed its huge attendance.

The President of Zanzibar Business Community Taufiq Turky praised Dr Shein for managing well the isles economy especially during the Covid-19 pandemic period that saw prices for essential goods stagnate despite their high prices elsewhere in the world.

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