Dr Shein commends Isles Defence, security organs

27Jan 2020
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Dr Shein commends Isles Defence, security organs

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein on Sunday attended a special luncheon organised by his office to commend members of the Isles Defense and Security organs and thank them for their Revolution Day parade to mark 56th celebrations of the Zanzibar Revolution at Amaan Stadium on January 12.

The luncheon held at Ziwani Police grounds was also attended by various government leaders including the Second Vice President amb. Seif Ali Iddi, Speaker of the House of Representatives Zubeir Ali Maulid and Zanzibar Chief Justice Omar Othman Makungu.

Others were the secretary of the Revolutionary Council and Chief Minister Dr Abdulhamid Yahya Mzee, Zanzibar Attorney General Said Hassan Said, ministers, deputy ministers and other government officials.

In his thanks to the defense and security members read on his behalf by the Minister of State in the President’s Office Issa Haji Ussi Gavu he hailed the members for their participation in the celebrations.

He also congratulated President Shein and his strong leadership that has made the country to remain at peace, harmony and solidarity that has spurred development gains for the Isles.

He said it was among his hopes that the Revolution Day Celebrations will be improved and thanked the security and defense units for playing their part in the maintenance of peace, harmony and solidarity.

The head of Zanzibar Nyuki Brigade, Brig. General Fadhil Omar Nondo who is also chairman of Defence and Security Committee thanked Dr Shein for his continued support of the defence and security organs in the Isles.

He congratulated President Shein for  continued    tradition of organising luncheons for members of the defence and security organs every  year after the revolution celebrations.

Brig General Nondo also outlined how preparations for this year’s Revolutionary Day parade was organized and became a success and thanked President Shein and the government by enabling it.

Tomorrow president Shein will organize another luncheon for youths and students who participated in the celebrations of the Revolution Day celebrations at the same venue.

The luncheon was also treated to melodies from ‘Island Super Star’ taarab group from Mafunzo Unit that sang inspiring  songs in remembrance of the Zanzibar Revolution.

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