Dr Shein extols his govt’s service to people in Isles

07Aug 2020
The Guardian Reporter
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Dr Shein extols his govt’s service to people in Isles

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has said the main responsibility of the government elected by the citizens is to serve them.

Zanzibar President Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein listens to acting head of fisheries department Hidaya Khamis elaborates on how to keep octopus at the opening of Nanenane exhibition at Chamanangwe grounds Micheweni Pemba yesterday. Photo: State House

Dr Shein was speaking on Wednesday at Zimamoto Bandarini in Mkoani, Pemba soon after he laid the cornerstones for the buildings that would house Zanzibar offices for the Zanzibar Social Services Fund (ZSSF) at Tibirinzi, Zanzibar Revenue Board offices at Gombani as well the launching of the Mkoani Hotel that received major renovations.

He said his Phase VII Government has been developing the Isles economy including bringing basic social services closer to people.

He said since the January 12, 1964 Revolution the government has been implementing pledges by the founding party, the ASP, but as for now it is pledging Chama cha Mapinduzi (CCM) promises as laid down in its 2015 Election Manifesto.

He said the new Mkoani Hotel which is one among state owned hotels built since early 1970s simultaneously with those at Chake Chake and Wete was meant to serve the people as well as foreigners.

He said past colonial governments did not bother in developing the tourism sector, but the Zanzibar Revolutionary Government has greatly done so since 1964 Revolution that saw the increase of tourists.

Dr Shein said the aim of the government to build ZRB offices in Pemba was to simplify the collection of government revenue.

He said the ZSSF offices being built at Tibirinzi will bring its services closer to the workers, and added that the fund has initiated many big projects in both Unguja and Pemba.

The Minister for Finance and Planning, Amb Mohammed Ramia Abdiwawa, assured workers that their money in ZSSF was safe.

Permanent Secretary in Finance and Planning Ministry Khamis Mussa said in the last ten years, developments gained in the Isles include investment in government offices and its institutions.

He said Mkoani Hotel was opened on January 9, 1974 and offered its services until 1990 when it suspended services due to dilapidation.

He said under Dr Shein’s government on October 19, 2018 the hotel was officially handed over to ZSSF to revive it. And added that a private firm, Arqes Africa of Dar es Salaam was picked to draw new plan for the hotel’s renovation, while Benchmark Engineering won the tender for renovation work.