Dr Shein stresses peace, love and tolerance in Ramadhan

24Apr 2020
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Dr Shein stresses peace, love and tolerance in Ramadhan

ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohammed Shein yesterday called on all residents of the islands to maintain peace, unity and tolerance during the holy month of Ramadan directing the defence and security organs in the Isles to increase patrols especially in worshiping places.

In his remarks, Dr Shein said that despite allowing people to worship through out the Holy Month, social distancing and all other preventive measures should be respected so as to fight the spread of the novel corona virus.

According to him, since Zanzibar recorded its first case on March 19, this year, several measures have been taken by the government and stakeholders to curb the disease.

"We have closed schools from elementary to university level, banned all unnecessary meetings and gatherings as well as banning all tourists who come to the country using private jets," he explained.

He urged Zanzibaris to continue observing protective guidelines given by health authorities which include practicing self-isolation, social distancing and avoiding unnecessary gatherings.

"We have welcomed this year's  holy month while grappling to   contain the spread of this disease. As we direct  our prayers to God, let us also make sure that we adhere to experts’ advises and government's directives on the Corona-19 pandemic ," he said.

Dr Shein said that the government will continue to create public awareness about the disease.

“Our goal is to make sure that the country remains safe, my plea to Tanzanians is   to continue taking precautionary measures as well as observe  social distancing   when going to places such as market places”,    he said.

 Zanzibar has recorded a total of 83 cases since the outbreak  on March 19, this year."

He also said that the government is also constructing a new laboratory at Binguni   in Unguja for tests   instead of sending to Dar es Salaam.

Dr Shein further urged all Zanzibaris not to discriminate Covid-19 survivors but rather treat them well like any human being.

"These are our fellow humans, why are we discriminating them, this mentality should end. I have been informed that there are some people who take Covid-19 survivors as  being a threat for them," he stressed.

He also urged traders to conduct businesses faithfully and avoid hiking prices of commodities as stern ensures will be taken against them.

He urged all Zanzibaris to continue   maintaining  peace, love and unity throughout the holy month.

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