Dr Shein urges improving quality seeds for farmers

25Feb 2020
The Guardian
Dr Shein urges improving quality seeds for farmers

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohammed Shein has urged the ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries to directly meet farmers and deliberate on better ways   to continue increasing the quality of their seeds. 

Dr Shein made the remarks at State House in Zanzibar when he received a report on the performance of the ministry for the period of July to December in the 2019/2020 financial year.

He said despite the use of the media in sensitizing the use of quality seeds, there is need for the experts from the ministry to meet farmers direct.

Dr Shein who is also the Chairman for the revolutionary council said the use of quality seed is a unique one which calls for continuity to increase productivity especially on paddy production.

He asked the ministry to device some new ways to address various challenges affecting the ministry.

Dr Shein hailed the ministry for its efforts to train and further its staff’s education which he said will have impact on the performance of the ministry.

Dr Shein called upon the leaders and officials from the ministry to love and prioritize home made goods and value their work.

He urged the officials on the need for proper adherence to the law whenever they make decisions especially when they are serving the society.

Earlier, the Minister for Agriculture, natural resources, Livestock and fisheries Mmanga Mjengo Mjawiri said the ministry has made tremendous achievements in implementing various projects.

According to him, the success came out of the availability of funds where a total of 12.56bn/- was gathered to fund various development projects.

He named some of the achievements as the construction of irrigation infrastructure at Ole, Dobi, Michigini,Kibonde Mzungu,Koani, Mchangani, Bandamaji.

He said the construction of the fish market at Malindi is about to come to an end whereby it will help vendors to have a special place to sell their crops.

The Minister said during the period about 39,951 tourists entered Zanzibar where by 3,951 were locals and 35,955 were foreigners.