Drink more milk to improve body nutrition, expert tells Tanzanians

07Jan 2020
The Guardian
Drink more milk to improve body nutrition, expert tells Tanzanians

TANZANIANS have been urged to drink more milk because of its huge potential in improving nutrition in people’s health.

“Milk is a powerhouse of energy. It boosts people’s metabolism. So, it is high time for Tanzanians to imbibe a habit of drinking milk regularly,” said Nadomana Nyanga, manager of milk sources at the Tanga-based milk processing plant—TangaFresh.

He was speaking to journalists who visited the plant over the weekend to see achievements recorded by the factory.

Nyanga said that milk also contains retinol, a known anti-aging and skin-restoring antioxidant. Plus, milk's vitamin D is also an anti-aging vitamin thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects and protection from UV rays. Dairy has also long been associated with causing acne.

According to him, milk is essential for growth and skin health, these amino acids act as natural nourishing, hydrating and anti-wrinkle agents.

 The expert further described milk as an immunity-boosting food due to certain nutrients like zinc and vitamin D. “It is also good for your heart, having a glass of milk can improve good cholesterol level in the blood. Also, it is rich in good fats that have certain significance in boosting the overall metabolism of the body.”

He said that milk is linked with the prevention of diabetes.  “It is said that milk can effectively lower the elevated blood sugar levels in the body. Due to high levels of potassium, milk is beneficial in maintaining a regular blood pressure.”

For his part, goat dairy expert from Tanzania Livestock Research Institute (TALIRI) Tanga, Ayubu Kambadu encouraged people to drink milk regularly because of its nutritious value.

He also encouraged Tanzanians to venture into goat farming because of its profitability in terms of milk and meat.

Kambadu said that goat milk was highly nutritious and therefore recommended for consumption by especially young children and the elderly.

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