Drivers’ strike paralyses capital transits for hours

14Jan 2021
The Guardian Reporter
Dar es Salaam
The Guardian
Drivers’ strike paralyses capital transits for hours

RESIDENTS in the capital who rely on public transport were yesterday stranded following a drivers’ strike which lasted for hours, complaining over substandard infrastructure at the Sabasaba bus stand in the city.

The protesting drivers claimed that they have been paying levies for years, but authorities seem to turn a deaf ear to complaints on the poor condition at the bus stand.

Speaking to The Guardian, one of the striking drivers, Ayoub Mazengo said that apart from dilapidated infrastructures, the stand is too small to accommodate the city’s commuter buses.

With the ongoing rains, most infrastructures are damaged, making the area difficult to negotiate for drivers, given the numerous potholes and unpaved roads around the bus stand.

“We pay levies every day, but officials do not prioritize repairing the bus stand,” he said. urging that the municipal authorities need to collect levies from other users including food vendors and fruit sellers.

Another driver, Abdul Mohamed said the Sabasaba commuter bus stand is congested as petty traders tek up space, selling wares without paying levies. The bus stand was increasingly looking like a market as the number of petty traders is much too big compared to commuters.

“Municipal authorities have yet to confirm to us if the area will permanently be used as a commuter bus stand. There are over 2,000 commuter buses here each paying 1,000/- per day,” he stated.

Municipal authorities are getting almost 2m/- every day, but they don’t want to improve the stand infrastructures, he castigated, saying the drivers are ready to relocate to any other place so long as it has the required infrastructures.

City Director Joseph Mafuru said that repairs are being carried out at Mazengo and Makole bus stands to decongest the Sabasaba more on