EALA launches delayed five-year strategic plan  

29Sep 2020
Marc Nkwame
The Guardian
EALA launches delayed five-year strategic plan  

​​​​​​​THE East African Legislative Assembly has launched a five year strategic plan set to run from this financial year to 2024/2025.

​​​​​​​EALA Speaker Ngoga Martin.

EALA Speaker Ngoga Martin said yesterday that the just launched document is the regional assembly’s third strategic plan, projecting its activities from 2019 to 2024, meant to guide EALA operations under ten broad thematic areas.

“This is a significant milestone to be proud of and on behalf of the Commission, the broad membership and Secretariat, I take great pleasure in introducing the new strategic plan,” he stated.

“As with all healthy organizations, a periodic assessment of where you are and where you want to be is a prudent investment, taking into consideration that the EAC region and its people are developing quite rapidly. It is very clear that many of the assumptions and projections made five years ago have already changed.”

The EALA Speaker reminded that the strategy was prepared in cognisance of the fact that institutional responses require setting and sticking to clearly defined priorities in areas likely to have the greatest impact to the people of East Africa.

The EALA Strategic Plan 2019-2024 was developed along with impactful priorities that EALA will pursue in discharging its statutory mandate of legislation, oversight and representation, he said.

EALA Acting Clerk Charles Kadonya said that EALA staff are committed to providing administrative and technical support necessary for the implementation of the plan.

“This will however depend in part on the expeditious recruitment of much-needed human resources to render the requisite administrative and technical support,” he asserted.

The departmental staff will dedicate the best efforts to the achievement of the set objectives, while closely monitoring implementation, he stated.“To support this, we have set performance benchmarks directly linked to the strategic plan and the performance of staff will be regularly evaluated,” he further noted.

The EALA Strategic Plan provides a framework for implementing and delivering the mandate and functions of the assembly as required by the EAC Treaty.

It provides a policy and development framework for the EALA Commission as well as the EALA Secretariat to address institutional challenges and to foster regional integration in line with the EAC Vision 2050 and the EAC Development Strategy (2016/17 – 2020/21) now nearing its conclusion, he added.