Educate your children, bishop urges parents

24Feb 2020
The Guardian
Educate your children, bishop urges parents

​​​​​​​EVANGELICAL Lutheran Church in Tanzania East of Lake Victoria Diocese (ELCT-ELVD) has called on parents to invest in the education of their children to ensure a safe and secure future generation.

ELCT-ELVD bishop, Andrew Gulle made the call while speaking at the official launch of the newly built Mwanza Lutheran secondary school.  The school has been built by ELCT in collaboration with local and foreign stakeholders such as missionaries Eric and Linda Funke from Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO), St. John Lutheran Church in Cypress, Texas.

The school welcomes students from different religions and is meant to assist children in a difficult environment.

Bishop Gulle described education as the best legacy parents could bequeath to their children, stressing that gone were the days when the education of girls “ended in the kitchen” and charged parents not to be selective about educating their children, but to educate both sexes.

He also appealed to the youth to take their studies seriously and avoid being involved in criminal acts such as cultism, drug addiction, robbery and other social vices.

Bishop Gille also urged the government to encourage religious tolerance in schools in order to promote peace and unity among the youth, who are the future of the nation.

He described education as critical to escape chronic poverty and to prevent the transmission of poverty between generations, hence the need to embrace it is paramount.

“Education to children is more valuable than material things. That's why the church has decided to give education to children who were living in a difficult environment as the only worth for their life. So, I urge parents to do everything they can for children education, “said Bishop Gulle.

Church secretary Rogath Mollel said that the newly built school costs more than 500m/- and its construction started in 2008 and is being funded by local and foreign stakeholders such as missionaries Eric and Linda Funke from Global Lutheran Outreach (GLO) at St. John Lutheran Church in Cypress, Texas.

So far, four classrooms, three science labs and sanitation facilities  have been built and the school got registration in May last year.

Mwanza Regional Education Officer, Busheja Josephat encouraged owners of private schools in the country to stick to quality education to meet the needs of society.

One of the missionaries, Erick Frank said that in 2012, we found that the school had only two classrooms, we decided to involve different stakeholders and after eight years, this came a reality and it's our hope that many students will benefit from this initiative."

One of the students who’re enrolled at the school, Marietha Mwandu lauded the church and well-wishers who made them get education, vowing: "We'll study hard to meet our desired dreams."