Education ministry distributes teaching aids to govt run 35 teachers

13Feb 2020
The Guardian
Education ministry distributes teaching aids to govt run 35 teachers

​​​​​​​THE Ministry of Education, Science and Technology has distributed teaching aids for teaching instructors in 35 government run teachers’ colleges aimed to improve the education sector.

Speaking here yesterday at a short handing over ceremony for Pandi and Monduli teachers colleges, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Dr Leonard Akwilapo said they have distributed the aids to 35 colleges countrywide.

He said the aids distributed included laptops, more than 26,000 books on Maths, English language an d Science, projectors, photocopy machines and laboratory equipment.

He said experts in the education sector had a one week meeting in Arusha to discuss and evaluate achievements made through the Five Year Teacher education Support Project (TESP).

Akwilapo said the government of Canada provided 90bn/- for teachers training in teachers; colleges including teaching aids for the improvement of the education sector in the country, and called on upon the colleges to make better use of the teaching aids that can also be used by future generations.

Chief Chancellor for the Cooperation and cooperation in the Canadian High Commission in the country Gwen Walmsley said the project recognizes the importance of the 2925 Tanzania Government policy of free education in primary and secondary schools.

He said since 2015 the free education policy has assisted 10.6 million primary and secondary school students to get free education.

He added that for the period 2018/21 the Canadian government set aside USD 180 million for the youth.

He said apart from the 90bn/- canda provided towards TESP, it has also contributed 8bn/- for technical assistance.

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