Education NGO urges teachers to be better role models

01Aug 2016
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Education NGO urges teachers to be better role models

TEACHERS in the country have been asked to play the part of role models in the society byliving a disciplined life and reducing alcohol consumption because the latter affects their performance.

The statement was made at the weekend by acting director of Chemba District Council David Mwambalasi when launching a four-day training for teachers who have been enrolled for a special programme aimedat improving the quality of education.

The special programmeinvolvesa total of 70 teachers, whereby 30 among them have already completed the course, while the remaining 40 will complete the training this month.

The training is financially supported by the Education Quality Improvement Organisation (EQUIP) with the aim of improving the quality of education in ChembaDistrict and other regions where pupils performed poorly in the national examinations.

Mwambalasicalled on theteachersto be ethical and carry themselves with respect since the public looks at them as a role model.

He directed education officers to make regular visits at schools within the district in order to satisfy themselves with the performance of teachers.

For his part, the training facilitator from Equip, Athuman Ali, said the programme was a continuation of another one provided by Equip in seven other regions with poor results.

With the training, Ali noted, the teachers are expected to improve their teaching capacity to be able to ensure better student performance in the coming final examinations.

He said the organisation had provided motorcycles to education officers in 20 wards, adding that more motorcycles would be distributed to the remaining six wards.

“We have distributed the motorbikes to enable education officers to visit all the schools…some of them were unable to inspect the schools over lack of transport,” he said.