Efforts to restore ecosystem in Arusha, Manyara and Singida

04Aug 2020
The Guardian
Efforts to restore ecosystem in Arusha, Manyara and Singida

ARUSHA, Manyara and Singida regions are now implementing a project to restore the degraded ecosystem, a situation which has dried-up water sources and resulted in several other environmental impacts.

Ecosystems are dynamic communities of plants, animals, and microorganisms which interact with the physical environment as a functional unit.

Director of a non-governmental organisation, Moivaro Jitegemee Family (Mojifa), Robert Mlugu linked the situation with increased human activities.

He said since the organisation deals with provision of environmental education, tree planting and environment protection it has planted over 83,350 trees in the three regions from 205 to April this year. He said the move was aimed to restore the degraded ecosystem.

Mlugu said the trees were planted at areas located near water sources or valleys to enable them to grow. He said most of the forest areas in Arusha, Manyara and Singida regions have been badly affected by increased human activities.

“We also planted trees at schools, colleges and public places. We are supporting citizen’s efforts to restore the damaged ecology,” said Mlugu.

“We are determined to protect the environment through tree planting. We are also encouraging residents to plant fruit trees at their homes and farms,” he added.

According to him, the organisation is educating residents on the adverse impacts of cutting trees for charcoal. He said if not controlled, the regions will turn into a desert.

Mlugu noted that MOJIFA-ECA planted a total of 600 trees in Kilimanjaro Region, Singida (3,000) Manyara (4,000) and another 75, 750 were planted at Longido, Karatu, Arumeru, Monduli and Arusha-Urban District in Arusha Region.

He added: “Tree planting is something we must nurture because if we do not, we will end up endangering our own lives.”

He appealed to the government to assist them with a three acres farm land that will be used as a tree nursery. He said the tree seedlings to be grown at the nursery will be planted across the region.

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