Elephant herd kills farmer, wrecks crops

28Apr 2021
The Guardian
Elephant herd kills farmer, wrecks crops

​​​​​​​A herd of elephants on Monday evening invaded farms, killed a farmer and destroyed crops in at Luhangano village Mputa ward, Namtumbo District in Ruvuma Region.

Issa Ajali lost his life when he tried to chase the fierce mammals together with his colleagues on Monday.

Eye witnesses said that the incident occurred on the evening this year when the deceased found the large mammals stormed into his farm destroying different crops including pumpkins.

Luhangano village executive officer (VEO) Sidea Mbawala said that during the incident, the deceased and his companions were chasing the elephants when suddenly another elephant with a baby appeared behind them and started attacking him.

Mputa ward councilor, Said Moto said after the farmers discovered the situation everyone ran   to save their lives, but unfortunately Ajali was attacked by the animals.

Acting Namtumbo district wildlife officer Priscar Musuwa confirmed the incident and has already sent officials to chase the elephants back to  Nyerere National Park.

Musuwa urged people in the area to be extra careful with wildlife to be careful when they are in their areas to avoid such incidents.

He said currently the animals are numerous and scattered in various parts of Namtumbo District and that this is the second time a person has been killed by elephants a situation that shows the danger to the people living along the edge of wildlife reserves in the district.

Ruvuma Regional Police Commander Saimon Maigwa confirmed the incident and urged people in the village to be extra careful with wildlife animals.