Embrace irrigation farming technology, farmers advised

13Aug 2020
The Guardian
Embrace irrigation farming technology, farmers advised

​​​​​​​FARMERS in the Southern Highlands regions have been urged to adopt irrigation technology that use electricity for perennial crops production. 

Robert Mwaluseke.

The call was given by the supervisor of the Mbeya office of Kilimo Trust, Robert Mwaluseke when speaking to this paper, claiming that modern farming requires irrigation technology so as to be certain of harvests at all times decided by the farmer.

Mwaluseke said three percent of farmers use irrigation farming despite the fact that the country is bestowed with many water and energy sources that can be used for irrigation.

“Our institution is mobilising farmers to abandon farming that depends on rains that are at times unreliable, and instead adopt farming technology that uses electricity through special equipment for gainful crops production,” Mwaluseke said.

He added that their institution also assists farmers find markets for their crops, educate them on various farming skills that ensure high production of crops and sensitize them on how to confront the effects of climate change. 

He said for the agricultural sector to continue growing and become the saviour of the people government officials should review their implementation of various policies in the sector by giving professional advice thereof.

“Tanzania has very good agricultural policies but there are problems in their implementation,” he said.