Employers urged to register with Workers Compensation Fund

22Jun 2018
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Employers urged to register with Workers Compensation Fund

EMPLOYERS have been reminded to ensure risk assessments at work places is done annually in order to ensure safety of employees.

Director of Health Services and Evaluation at the Workers’ Compensation Fund (WCF) Dr Abdulsalaam Omary gave the reminder during a one-day sensitisation workshop on workplace safety for employers in Tanga Region.

He said regular risk assessments was key to avoiding occupational hazards at workplaces just as the use of protective gears by employees in hazardous work environments.

“Our core mandate is to receive contributions from employees and compensate victims of occupational hazards; but we are also obliged to promote safety at work places by sensitising employers on better ways of minimising injuries and deaths,” he said.

He added that since inception in 2015 and coming into operation in July 2016, WCF had registered 14,224 members and efforts are being made to ensure that all employers in the formal sector in Tanzania Mainland register with WCF.

Omary said that a total of 2.52bn/- had already been paid to employees as compensation.

He noted that the highest amount paid to victims of occupational hazard before the current WCF act was 108,000/- whereas beneficiaries of dead employees would pocket a mere 83,000/-.

Omary noted that Tanzania was aspiring to attain middle income economy status by 2025 and that with an industrial economy, numerous accidents will be expected and in some cases, fatal.

Speaking in Dodoma earlier last month, WCF director general Masha Mshomba said the fund had put in place a system that has eased both registration of members and payment of claims.

The Workers’ Compensation Act 2008 was established to provide compensation for employees injured or incapacitated in the course of employment. The Act applies to all employers and employees from both the private and government sector in Mainland Tanzania, and employees who ordinarily work outside Mainland Tanzania but have been stationed in Tanzania for more than 12 months.

Newly introduced regulatory procedures provide that, under the Act, all employers are now obliged to make contributions to WCF. The rates of mandatory contribution differ for public sector and private sector employers.