Empowerment desk coordinators told to work diligently

23Jun 2016
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Empowerment desk coordinators told to work diligently

EMPOWERMENT desk coordinators and officers were yesterday challenged to make the most of the knowledge and skills they receive in assisting people raise their incomes.

Halima Dandegu

Speaking at a training for empowerment desk coordinators and officers in Lindi yesterday, the Mtwara Regional Commissioner, Halima Dandegu told the officers the officers that the training meant a lot in translating government’s endeavours to empower Tanzanians.

"It is my hope this training will broaden your skills and knowledge and will put you in a better position to assist people in your areas to unleash their economic potential,” she said.

According to the RC, the officers were tasked to provide correct information and assess the economic activities of people in areas where they are stationed and yield impact to people.

"District commissioners and district executive directors are responsible to supervise smooth implementation of the national economic empowerment policy,” Dandegu said.

She also called on Tanzanians to be patriotic and show preference to locally made goods as a way towards protecting domestic industries and promote natural resources.

Earlier, the Executive Secretary of National Economic Empowerment Council (NEEC), Beng'i Issa, said the training was geared towards guiding the officers while executing their duties at all levels.

"These officers will impart knowledge and skills acquired here to people from a village to district level,” Issa said, adding that plenty of economic opportunities are available there.

Lindi Regional Administrative Secretary Ramadhan Kaswe said his region is prepared to ensure that all empowerment desk officers perform their duties as required.

“This training will bring good results for the region. We are going to supervise these officers fulfill their obligations,” he said.

The training which was organised by NEEC for officers in the Southern Zone attracted participants from Mtwara and Lindi with a view to broadening the understanding of empowerment desk officers.