Energy firm wins govt praise for efforts to save environment

12Feb 2019
The Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Energy firm wins govt praise for efforts to save environment

THE government has paid glowing tribute to Shell Tanzania Limited for what it sees as glaring efforts by the oil company directed towards saving Tanzania’s environment,  a senior official said over the weekend.

Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office, (Union and Environment). January Makamba

 “Shell Tanzania has been keen, to our admiration, on funding alternative charcoal projects. These projects have increased jobs. Further, these efforts have motivated youths into conceiving new projects that will contribute to protecting our environment. This is commendable,” said Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office, (Union and Environment).

According to January Makamba,  the company ploughed back into society 600m/-to fund environment projects, adding that he was happy and comfortable with the company’s efforts that further prove joint concern and cooperation between the private sector and the Government to promote national development and protect Tanzania’s environment using varied methods and means.

He was speaking at the forum discussing national economy, efforts and ways of protecting Tanzania’s environment. The forum was used as a display theatre for locally made alternative charcoal that is taken to be a sure means of holding back deforestation. The theme was: ‘Alternative Charcoal, Economy and Our Environment’.

He commended for that are discussing the future of Tanzania’s environment, pledging government’s readiness to implement suggestions made by such gatherings.

The money offered by Shell Tanzania is financing polished energy projects that were competitively selected by the Institute of Management &Entrepreneurship Development (IMED) and is being spent on condition that the IMED will oversee implementation of the projects so that they become sustainable.

IMED Director, Dr Donath Olomi pledged that the institute  will ensure the projects remain sustainable adding that were firm indications showing that the alternative energy initiatives jointly pushed by the Government and private sector will make Tanzanians switch from traditional charcoal to environment-friendly types of alternative charcoal and progressively curb deforestation.

 However, he asked the government to spread knowledge on alternative charcoal because, he said, that kind of charcoal is part and parcel of the national strategy to encourage aforestation and fight deforestation.

The first winner was Kuja Company.  The owner, Leonard Kushoka said he was optimistic his company will produce and distribute nationwide machines that will make alternative charcoal and popularise the product.



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