Enhance love, unity for peace to thrive, Dr Shein tells Zanzibaris

21Oct 2020
By Guardian Reporter
The Guardian
Enhance love, unity for peace to thrive, Dr Shein tells Zanzibaris

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein has called on Zanzibaris to enhance love and solidarity among them for peace and tranquility to shine.

​​​​​​​ZANZIBAR President Dr Ali Mohamed Shein.

Dr Shein was speaking here on Monday at Mao Dze Dong stadium in his farewell speech to people from Zanzibar’s five regions in which he unveiled 2050 Zanzibar Development Vision.

He told them that his government has accomplished for them, leaving them a reward of peace and tranquility.

Dr Shein said Phase VII revolutionary government has accomplished a lot for Zanzibar’s development defying many opponents who did not wish the Isles well.

He also lauded the people for remaining generally calm and abiding by the country’s laws that enable government institutions collect taxes with great achievements.

He also congratulated them for remaining calm during the Covid-19 pandemic by adhering to government directives, including directives from the Union government.

He said Zanzibaris in every corner of the country value efforts done by their government for bringing them development beneficial to them and which they were proud of.

He thanked for the rewards presented to him by the people of Zanzibar saying it explains on how they hold him in high esteem and vice versa.

He also praised top leaders of both governments including those in the Ministry of Finance and Planning for presenting the 2050 Zanzibar Development Vision.

He also praised all government and party leaders, Zanzibar’s five regional commissioners as well as area commissioners, local leaders and other government and party functionaries.

In regard to 2050 Zanzibar Development Vision, he said it was formulated by local experts from their experience.

He said the Vision has taken into consideration rapid various science and technological changes in the world that emerge in various sectors including those in regard to the Blue Economy, oil and natural gas.

He also called on all Zanzibaris eligible to vote to do so on October 28 to exercise their democratic right, and called upon them to elect leaders who are intent in the Zanzibar’s development.

For his part, the Minister for Finance and Planning Amb. Muhammed Ramia Abdiwawa said the Vision is for all the people including Vision 2020 which President Shein administered but Vision 2050 is more youth oriented. 

He said the Vision will concentrate in economic transformation and stressed that it will be a guide for the coming 30 years.

He said the Vision also envisions that by 2025 per capita income will be USD 4,400.

Earlier the Executive Secretary of the Planning Commission Mwita Mgeni the preparation for Zanzibar Development Vision 2050 went through various stakeholders including a committee made up by Permanent secretaries, Members of the Planning Commission and finally endorsement by the Revolutionary Council.