Entrepreneurship Seminar’s driving forward youth Mwanza

25Sep 2017
Frank Monyo
The Guardian
Entrepreneurship Seminar’s driving forward youth Mwanza
  • Over 500+ people come to attend Entrepreneurship Seminar in Mwanza led by Stanford MBA Benjamin Fernandes and a few others on their #InukaUangaze campaign.

The second most populous city in Tanzania, Mwanza, hosted an entrepreneurship summit called #InukaUangaze. (Rise and Shine – in Swahili). Patrick Tungu, from the district of Misungwi and the founder of TAWESO (Tanzania Women and Social Organization) was the host of the event in Mwanza.

Benjamin Fernandes teaching at InukaUangaze.

Over 500+ people in Mwanza ranging from youth to grandparents came out to hear the speakers teach about entrepreneurship. The guest of honor for the event was Honorable John Mongella, Regional Commissioner for the Mwanza region.

The key note speaker was Benjamin Fernandes, an award winning Tanzanian speaker and entrepreneur. Benjamin worked for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, completed his MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business and just returned to Dar es Salaam.

Other speakers included national Tanzania Media Guru, Millard Ayo, Amplifaya Radio host, Meena Ally, and entrepreneur, Bernice Fernandes.

The regional commissioner Honorable John Mongella, expressed his excitement to see so many people there in a movement that could really spear head the economic development of Mwanza as a region.

Millard Ayo and Meena Ally both shared their story and journey letting people know how they got to where they reached in life today. Millard and Meena both co-host Amplifaya Radio show.

Bernice Fernandes taught on the most valuable principles when building a business. Benjamin Fernandes taught about the economic opportunities for the people of Mwanza in evaluating businesses and the 10 key things he wishes he knew earlier in life.

“I believe in Mwanza, it’s a great place with huge potential, I believe it can be a driving economic hub for Tanzania. For trade, within 90 minutes, you can travel to 5 different countries by air, and 2 different countries by water.

For tourism, it’s 2 hours away from the Serengeti, whereas Arusha is 6 hours away from the Serengeti. If planned and lead well, Mwanza can drive up our international trade opportunities as a country.” Fernandes told The Guardian.

#InukaUangaza is a movement that Fernandes started with his sister in order to get young people across the nation fired up and teaching them how to build their business and careers in the region that they come from. Their campaign has hosted over 18 seminars in 84 days in Tanzania.

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