Environmental stakeholders embark on tree planting project in Dodoma

03Dec 2019
Polycarp Machira
The Guardian
Environmental stakeholders embark on tree planting project in Dodoma

ENVIRONMENTAL stakeholders have teamed up in a tree planting project aimed at making Dodoma a green city, it has been revealed.

This follows a campaign launched by the Vice President, Samia Suluhu Hassan in 2017, calling on residents and other stakeholders to help plant trees in efforts to give the capital city a new look.


Last weekend, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in collaboration with the Tanzania Forest Services (TFS) and the Vodacom Tanzania Foundation embarked on the exercise and planted over 3400 trees.

Speaking at the event that brought together residents under the leadership of Dodoma district commissioner, Petrobas Katambi and the City Council director, Edwin Kunambi, WWF Country Director, Amani Ngusaro said his organisation is pleased to be part of the campaign, working together with other partners to achieve the target.

“For over 20 years we have been working on environment in Tanzania but not in Dodoma now we want to continue this working relations to help change the capital city,” he said.

He noted that Tanzania is one of the countries affected by climate change and Dodoma as a region is also hardly hit by the misfortune, adding that there is need for other stakeholders to join in this noble course to make the city green.

Vodacom Tanzania Foundation’s Grants and Communication Manager, Sandra Oswald termed the event as a good beginning of cooperation between Dodoma city and her organization.

“Vodacom Tanzania Foundation has responded to the government’s call to support tree planting in the nation’s capital,” she said, adding that the Green Dodoma initiative is in line with her foundation’s three-year plan to deal with climate change.

She said her organisation has spent Sh 300 million on tree planting on Dodoma whereby some 10,000 trees were planted in the past two months.

TFS’s Zonal Manager, Yohana Sanga said to ensure the Green Dodoma is achieved, TFS signed a contract with the city authority on the matter whereby up to November this year some 1.6 million trees have been planted by private sector players.

“TFS has plans to build a green house that will be able to produce two million trees per year,” he said, adding that with combined efforts, the target can be achieved soon.

Meanwhile, the city councilor director, Kunambi urged residents to support efforts of such partners by planting trees at their residential places.

He said the authority is working on formulation of by-laws that will make it mandatory to plant trees at residential areas, and before getting building permit, one must show the plan to plant three on the site.

He said those living in high density plots will be required to plant at least five trees while those with medium plots plant at least ten trees as those with low density ones plant up to twenty trees.